Liquid Plastic Roofing

Compatible with almost all roof designs and substrates, the use of liquid plastic creates a completely seamless roofing membrane which is both tough and waterproof.

Liquid plastic is an exceptional¬†solution to roofing problems with a clean and shiny end result. The Rooftech team use liquid membranes that don’t require the application of heat during their installation so the liquid plastic is applied cold to your roof.

Roof projects with difficult access, restrictive clearances and multiple or odd-shaped penetrations can prove very challenging for even the most adaptive roofing membranes – in which case a liquid plastic option is an excellent alternative as it is ideal in getting to difficult places or around skylights.

The toughness and rubbery characteristic of liquid plastic roofing membranes also means they can withstand both thermal and structural movement as well as being resistant to foot traffic, UV radiation, pollutants in the air and available in anti-slip surfaces.

Rooftech can apply the liquid plastic over an existing roof without the need to remove the old material so your home below is not disrupted during work on the roof. Insulated roof systems are also available and, depending on the process used which we are happy to advise you on, liquid plastic products are guaranteed to last from ten to 25 years.