GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), or fibreglass, is a robust and long-lasting type of modern flat roofing ideal for garages and extensions.

Similar to the shiny outcome appearance of a liquid plastic roof, a GRP system is both a manageable and tough roofing product that can be smoothly applied by the Rooftech team and then topped up with a new layer a few years down the line.

Glass fibres are initially woven with plastic to create a fibreglass matting which is then, along with a base-coat of fibreglass resin, taped to the joints in the timber boards that form the roof structure. A further base-coat of the matting and resin is then applied to the whole of the roof area before a top coat is added to complete the roof surface.

Fibreglass is lightweight, very strong, handles foot traffic and accommodates the movement that occurs in many modern buildings.

Another huge benefit of fibreglass is that it is maintenance-free and here at Rooftech we will also lightly sand the fibreglass top coat and apply a new layer a few years after installation which extends the life of your GRP roof past 30 years.