Conservatory Roofing

Too hot in summer then too cold in winter? Going to waste? Let Rooftech Solutions work their magic on transforming your conservatory into the comfortable, year-round living space you want it to be with Conservatory Roofing.

Conservatory roofing is a big innovation. You don’t even need to worry if your existing conservatory has a plastic or glass roof, here at Rooftech Solutions we can convert any conservatory roofing as well as adding to new builds. It’s completely up to you what stage of roofing we work at.

A roof on your conservatory doesn’t mean anything else has to be changed – Rooftech will retain all original doors, windows and frames. Alternatively, you can choose to have the wall between your house and conservatory removed, meaning the conservatory roofing can be applied as part of a new extension or to enlarge and extend an existing kitchen, lounge or bedroom.

That flexibility is just one of a host of benefits conservatory roofing brings to your home. The high performance insulation embedded within the roof means you will save money on energy bills whilst keeping your conservatory at a comfortable temperature all year round. Conservatory roofing will also increase the value of your property and reduce those little, annoying problems like rain noise and sun glare.

Conservatory roofing installed by Rooftech will ultimately make the space much more livable, with the look and feel of an extension you can enjoy on a daily basis.